Colorado was named one of the best states to travel to with dogs - and for good reason. Here's where to shack up next time you're in town with your pup.

15 Cozy Pet-Friendly Cabins in Colorado

Instagram-worthy cabin located on a 5-acre plot near National Forest land.

Cozy Park County A-Frame

A quiet paradise near amazing hiking and lakes, including Steamboat Lake.

Cabin retreat on 5 acres

You’ll have access to great fishing and hiking nearby, and don’t forget the breathtaking views of the mountain, no matter where you find yourself on this property.

Rustically furnished interior with modern appliances, a fully-equipped kitchen and gorgeous views.

Peak-A-Blue Cabin

Enjoy natural lighting beaming in through the gigantic panoramic windows with mountain views.

Luxury rustic cabin

With plenty of space for the whole family, this beautiful cabin offers the best way to explore the famous Rocky Mountains regardless of what time of the year you decide to visit.

Experience an outdoor hot tub with amazing views of the mountainous horizons.

Cabin with Private Sauna